Saturday, 13 August 2016



After driving 50 mins to get to this place, we walked up and it was pumping , served by the host and advised it was a ten minute wait ( was a bit frustrating as I was sick and it was freezing ) but it was a quick ten minutes 😋

What we ordered 
Gaytime ball 
& waffle burger & pancakes $ 50 for two 

The gaytime was a favourite of mine, looked and tasted great , 
I also got the waffle burger , wow wee what a burger it was thinking it was small to feed one LOL WHO THE HELL WAS I KIDDING 
it was nice but way to big for one person , maybe halving the portion would be decent enough and not
Go to waste 
But I guess your paying $22 for a reason 

The Maltese pancakes 

What a waste of money 
The pancakes tasted doughy and no flavour 
The only thing that was good on the plate was shoving the massive waffle from the burger on it lol 

Overall this place is ok once a blue moon 
Wouldn't go every weekend 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Original Choco Wrap


Where do I begin,As I prepared myself to drive almost 45 minutes to get to the destination I was thinking and praying I hope his place is not shit.(haha) 

Anyways as I got there pulled in and got out 
Looked at the truck and it looked decent. As I went to the van I approached the staff all I saw was smiling faces and then asked "what would you like " 

I was thinking in my head 
Give me the fucking sexiest wrap you have. again (Haha) 

Then I introduced myself and the owner came around and introduced himself . 
Adem the owner was such a lovely person. He sat me down and explained how they opened and where there product is from.As I sat there hearing what Adem was saying my beautiful sexy wrap came out .
I'm thinking my god I'm just going to stuff my face with this .All this time I was thinking this is amazing 
This wrap that was was so fucking fluffy and the Nutella that is just covered all over with cream and banana and strawberries like where the hell did this Mecca of wraps come from, No joke this wrap was FUCKEN delicious. 
I thought being lactose fuck I'm going to pay for this but my god was it worth it . But thankfully I honestly didn't have the pains of what this mother of bitches gives You when you have any sort of dairy. 

I have never encountered such a warm welcome being my first time , Adem was so wonderful finding out about how this all came about, and the staff were just so nice not like the ones where all your fucking nervous just to walk up and order something being that there face says it all when you walk up to there van ( you can so tell Iv had this happen a couple of times ) 

My overall experience I would rate 10/10 
Not only did the Mecca of all Wraps taste so FUCKEN tasty 
But the experience and the staff and owner were just awesome 
Had such a good time there and was comfortable being there 

Well done and a big thumps up for having such a great concept and awesome customer service 

Sydneyfood_blogger 💜